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imdirections—The company and the people behind whyyoumustblog.com

Sandy and Roger McDonald bought their first Mac desktop (no offence, PC users; we function across both platforms) in 1985, the year Mac reached Australia.

With all of 512Kb of hard disk space, it cost more than twice today’s latest models and had 312,500,000 times less storage. But they were on the stairway to digital heaven. They haven’t stopped climbing since.

B2B marketing communications and design
Between them, they’ve ran a B2B marketing communications and design agency for 20 years. They’re keen trend spotters in communications.

They built their first website in 1999, and followed on with scores more for a wide range of clients through subsequent waves of technology.

As a designer, Sandy has been wired in to every change of direction in style, presentation and electronic layout tools. Roger, a trained journalist and writer turned marketer, also keeps pace with all communications developments.

Complete online offer
Realising the potency of the internet in the late 1990s, they’ve progressively swung their traditional offline marketing to online. For the last three years, their whole structure and offer has been online.

Sandy has spent the last two years studying, almost full time, worldwide online trends and practices. Roger continues to focus on online content and copywriting.

In that time they have built a highly successful online charity now numbering around 4,500 followers in 35 countries. The charity supports some of the estimated 1.5 million AIDS orphans in South Africa.

Never-ending interactive university
Sandy and Roger are zealous learners. They have been and continue to be tutored by some of the best internet marketers in the world. Among them are names like Ken Evoy, David Jenyns, Leanne King, Yaro Starek and James Schramko. Sandy recently took over the Melbourne Bloggers meet-up group from Mike Rhodes and its legendary founder, Darren Prowse.

They think of their online learning and sharing as a never-ending interactive university. And they are both students and teachers.

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