Transform. Lead your tribe

transform lr Transform. Lead your tribe

Transform starts with our entry level package, Connect, a fully customized SEO optimised, WordPress Thesis website, and includes all the additional relationship building functions provided in our package, Relate.

Then it adds the following additional tools and ongoing services to position you as an authority in your niche or industry online.

In addition, we can provide ongoing internet marketing strategy and consultancy to help you make the most of your site’s monetization potential, and we provide assistance with recommended software, programs and training where required.

Transform Basic includes Connect, Relate, Probe, Optimize, Create, Socialize and Populate
Transform Plus is all of the above and includes Optimize+, Create+, Populate+, Persuade, Visualize and Monetize

Additional features
Installation and testing of multiple additional functionalities including news feature post box, landing page template (useful for affiliate product sales), fat footer and flexipages.

create lr Transform. Lead your tribe
Create. Customize your site
Your website wireframe will be designed to include the customized functions required to deliver your content, product and services, and to position you within your brand.

createplus Transform. Lead your tribe
Positioning: We highly recommend that you do a brand analysis and client survey. Does your brand engage with its intended audience? Does it clearly reflect who you are, what you do and where you are going? How does it make people feel? Will it provide your community with a sense of ownership? Have you asked them? Create+ provides you with a brand survey, analyses the result together with your existing collateral and provides you with a written report and recommendations. $795

populateplus Transform. Lead your tribe
Populate+ provides two well researched, authoritative articles of 1,000 words or more in addition to 8 x 500 word articles. Aspects of these articles can be used for posting on social media sites, article submission and posting on blogs and forums as part of the SEO acitivites. They are also the basis for press releases and automated article submission. $320

optimizeplus Transform. Lead your tribe
Optimize+ provides a greater in-depth keyword research and analysis which is the basis of all successful online enterprises. In addition to revealing relevant keywords or keyword phrases from which your ‘pillar’ articles will be written, it will provide more than a hundred related and latent semantic indexed keywords which will be organised into groups under each of your pillar keywords. These will be provided in an easy-to-apply spread sheet and can be used for articles and posts into the future: $500

persuade lr Transform. Lead your tribe
Persuade. Excite your community
The content provided by Explore provides us with the basis to write you a compelling series of three autoresponder emails to increase your sales funnel conversions. $295

visualize Transform. Lead your tribe
Visualize. Stimulate your community
Using supplied material, video, graphs, photographs and PowerPoint displays, we will create a three minute optimized video for upload to the front page of your site, with a call to action to download from your name capture form. $325

monetize lr Transform. Lead your tribe
Monetize. Profit
Transform integrates the most intelligent shopping cart and affiliate product manager available today which fully automates the process of selling. The system makes it simple to create product, source affiliates, manage memberships and collect payments. It is fully integrated with all the main online platforms, including Aweber and PayPal*: $775 * There is a monthly licensing fee applicable to this service.

Monthly SEO: Embrace your tribe
Dominate your niche or industry in search engine results. Monthly SEO is measurable. Your return on investment will show you that if you are spending $825 a month, you are making a great deal more as a result of increased exposure to your most wanted clients.

So, maximize your investment in the tools that Transform provides you through this SEO program. It ensures that your website is found by targeted visitors for your best offers through your primary keywords and keyword phrases.

A minimum period of six months is recommended to build SEO traction and gain a massive number of backlinks. $825 per month

Transform Investment

1. Website wireframe. This is the design of the structure of your site.
2. Two custom graphic design mock-ups with up to three revisions of the design
3. Your unique template skinned onto your WordPress Thesis site and installed
4. Standard and specialized plugin installation which, depending on your website wireframe, can include:
– NextGen Image Gallery (a fully integrated image gallery with slideshow option)
– Customised field contact form
– Random testimonial – looping testimonials for refreshed visitor experience
– Quote flash rotation – animated quotes
– Social media page implementation (selection of media site buttons)
– Flexipages (contextual sidebar menus – products, photos, text can be changed on different pages)
5. Semantic permalinking (makes your URLS search engine-friendly)
6. Customised name capture form (this requires you to have an Aweber account – $19 per month)
7. Fat footer (offers another set of navigation for lists, comments, news and information at the base of your site
8. A customised and integrated featured post box on the home page (useful for latest news)
9. One featured landing page template – perfect for product sales, paid traffic or list building
10. Cross-browser testing
11. Twelves’ months free hosting – thereafter $25 per month, (500MgB storage and 5000 MgB bandwidth)* includes unlimited email addresses
12. Shopping cart configuration and integration.

Transform basic : $4,560
Transform plus: $7,250

Terms: 50% pre commencement, 50% on acceptance of design.
* multiple uploads directly to your site may require a higher hosting package.

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are in US dollars and payment is made through PayPal. Australian purchases will attract 10% GST.

To enquire or order any of these products please contact us. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

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