Connect. Start your community online

Connect is an entry level option to start your community, consisting of a search engine optimized (SEO) WordPress Thesis website with carefully selected plugins to maximize SEO and website functionality.

Most importantly, you will have a website which you can control completely, from content to images and video, navigation pages, and analytics. You can build onto it as and when you chose. Nor it will not be redundant in a few years time, as is often the case with a custom built html websites. Everything you do with this website will be about building on your online marketing.

It also has a customized banner and on-page design features, and includes five hours of excellent SEO and WordPress training.

Purchase of your domain name
At the base of all successful online enterprises is good keyword research and analysis. Your domain name should, in the ideal SEO scenario, contain your primary keyword which in turn should describe your product offer, solution or service. You have the choice of providing a URL for your free six months’ hosting, or we can purchase it for you.

We will create a website banner from your supplied logo, images, photographs and preferred colours. The website’s colours for background and fonts will be designed to match your banner. The immense design flexibility of Thesis and WordPress means that at any time into the future, you can create a customized design for your site and have it ‘skinned’ over your existing site.

SEO training
David Jenyns is an acknowledged expert in the field of SEO. His three hours of video SEO training will give you a sound understanding of how search engine optimization works, what you have to do to maximise you website exposure to the search engines, and finally, how to dominate search engine results. You will learn key SEO activities, including writing keyword focused content, article writing and submission, search engine and directory submission, blog and forum posting, social media and social bookmarking.

How to use your website coaching
Sandy McDonald,, will teach you how to get the best out of your website/blog, including how to customize the visual elements and, how to scale, position and upload images and videos. She will show you basic coding, so that you can change font size and colours and element positions. She will also guide you through the essence of blogging, the difference between categories and pages, and how to easily create great blog content.

Content adds value to your visitor experience and is essential to connect you with your online community. Your Connect training will also instruct you in how to write good on-page optimized content, as well as how to outsource content if you do not wish to write it yourself.

Connect Investment: $1295.00
Features include:
1. Choice of two or three columns and fonts
2. Banner design mock up with one revision
3. Your banner and site color and font installed
4. Up to three istockphotos for your banner if necessary
5. Standard plugins for search engine optimisation and social media page implementation (selection of media site buttons)
6. Semantic permalinking (makes your URLS search engine friendly)
7. Six months’ free hosting – thereafter $10 per month, (50MgB storage and 500 MgB bandwidth)* includes three email addresses.

Connect Terms: 50% pre commencement, 50% on acceptance of design.
* multiple uploads directly to your site may require a higher hosting package
PLEASE NOTE: All prices are in US dollars and payment is made through PayPal. Australian purchases will attract 10% GST.

To enquire or order any of these products please contact us. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

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