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Building client relationships
Step one in building client relationships is giving your visitor exactly what they have come to your website for – valuable information, products or services, much of it through great blog content. In return, you may be rewarded with the most valuable commodity online today – your visitor’s name and email address.

How often do you tell your business story? To whom? In what format? If you impress your listener, how many more could you reach with the right tools?

This gives you permission to build the relationship.
So how do you start that process?

Give them your most valuable information for free.
Create a report that solves their problem.

Does this represent hard work for you?
If you are overwhelmed by the idea of creating a report which means its unlikely to get done, because it is in fact a powerful took to build your business community, here is a solution for you.

Explore takes the pain out of the process and delivers you three compelling relationship-building tools.

We carry out an interview and research and write a unique report for you to send free to your database and into the online world to expand your all-important list.

The beauty of the Explore approach is that it:
• mines a wealthy, current source of experience, knowledge and skill—YOU
• engages your clients and prospects with your own language and personality
• positions you and your business as an authority
• provides instant blog content for your online presence
• dovetails into other marketing initiatives.

If you don’t have a database, or it’s either under construction or a bit disjointed, don’t worry, our product relate will ensure that’s easily and economically fixed.

How is this achieved?
To get going with building your client (and community) relationships, fill in the form below and we will contact you to arrange a contact time for a skype call. During the call we will probe into your business offer, then interview you.

The interview will be transcribed, edited and turned into a powerful document, both in text and as an audio which you be used as a podcast providing your visitor with your most valuable information for free.

That builds trust. Trust builds relationships.
People like to do do business with those they trust.

And all for just two hours of your time.

Auto-responder series
In addition, the information from the interview can be further leveraged to create a 3 part email auto-responder series, designed to convert your offer into sales.

How much is this?
Consider the life time value of building a client relationship with just one of your visitors. If you converted them to a member of your business community and they advocated for you, how valuable would that be?

For just $395.00, Explore will provide you with the tools, including great blog content, to do just that.

Terms: 50% pre commencement, 50% on on delivery.
PLEASE NOTE: All prices are in US dollars and payment is made through PayPal. Australian purchases will attract 10% GST.

To enquire or order any of these products please contact us. We will be in contact with you with in 24 hours.

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