Today, few people would argue about the impact of the internet. Many have grasped its power to communicate, to inform, to connect and to change. But how many can take advantage of that power to transform their lives, their businesses?

Families, kids, jobs, chores, leisure—they all jostle for priority. For most of us, mastering email and staying in touch through online social media is just about the limit.

Survey of surveys tells shocking truth
We also know massive numbers of marketing messages battle for our attention. Our recent survey of surveys—17 respected US media monitors, consumer organizations and marketing analysts—gave us an average of 2,143 marketing messages per person a day in the US. That’s a huge hedge of blah between you and your next customer.

If you run your own business, or you have responsibility for the marketing or sales role in your company, you know just how much information you have to deal with. How can you cut through all this noise when loads more are added every day?

Information warfare
It’s a universal war of information and your customers are the casualties. It may not be your fault, but you can still pay the price. It’s called collateral fallout. The military once euphemised it as ‘friendly fire’. Customers, shell-shocked by your competitors’ artillery, mistake it for yours and run for the hills.

Truth and credibility
How do you coax them back?

Mark Twain was right when he said ‘If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.’

When people are fed on a diet of waffle, some start to develop a craving. Despite the noise, though, billions of souls crave honesty, plain talk and good old-fashioned truth. And you’ve never been in a better position to supply it.

Your own unique online stall
With some guidance from imdirections you can now set up your own online market stall. It doesn’t have to shout or scream or haggle. It simply lays out your offering for all to see. It lets you converse (it’s a dialogue, not a monologue) with people who value your insights and expertise. They learn from you. You learn from them. Together you become a tribe.

Visit us today, and strip away 2,142 distractions that keep you from taking your business where it needs to go.